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Choose a design with the future in mind.

Are we growing older? Yes! And as well we are living longer. HUD reports that each year six million people will turn 65 and that 7 out of 10 persons over 65 will have a debilitating accident that will leave them temporarily or permanently with a mobility issue.

The Universal Design Studio draws custom home plans that are perfect for today and accommodate your needs as you grow older.

As well we specialize in barrier free designs for. How do we know? All the people associated with the Universal Design Studio have one type of disability or another! Read about us

About Barrier Free Designs

Many people have the desire to be home owners. Creating a dwelling for your family could be one of your greatest investments.

High standards are needed when considering residential availability, making sure the design and safety of your home is up to code, as well as knowing available building options from materials to construction methods.

Having a specialist to help with your design can be very helpful. This is where Barrier Free Designs steps in.

This 3500 s.f. home centers around an open air or skylight atrium depending on your climate zone. 3-4 rooms are provided access to the garden area, either by sliding glass doors or by insulated fixed glass. 3-4 bedrooms 2-3 baths with the option for an office or multi purpose room.|| See Details

Universal Design Bathroom Information

At least one bath with roll in shower and a wheelchair accessible toilet. The vanity needs to have one roll under sink area or a removable base cabinet for future needs. A low profile bowl at accessible portion of vanity and mirror lowered to backsplash.

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Universal Design Kitchen Information

User friendly cabinets that are usable today and easily modified as you grow older. With wall and base cabinets that can easily be moved to a more accessible position. User friendly appliances that are usable for all people whether disabled or not.

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Universal Design Exterior Information

If you are fortunate to own or buy a flat lot, great! For all others you may need to build up your lot with either reinforced concrete walls or decorative retaining blocks. Ideally a perfect barrier free designed home plan, should have a 16 area extending around the whole home with just enough slope for proper drainage.

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Regardless of where you live, you will receive the same professional home design services all our clients receive. Whether it be modifications of your current home, a complete custom design, a renovation, room addition or remodeling. When you choose Barrier Free Designs, you choose a team of professionals who will create a house design or residential design that will meet your needs.

What is Barrier Free?

NCSU was the birthplace for Universal Design. The Center for Universal Design (CUD) is a national information, technical assistance and research center that evaluates, develops, and promotes accessible and universal design in housing, commercial and public facilities, outdoor environments, and products.

Their mission is to improve environments and products through design innovation, research,education and design assistance.

More about universal design at NCSU

The universal design elements incorporated into these plans should afford homeowners the opportunity to remain active and healthy in their own homes long into their senior years.

The home plans we design have been specially designed to accommodate people of all ages, genders, sizes and physical abilities.

Wide doors and hallways, generously sized bathrooms, staggered height kitchen counter tops, no-step entries, spacious laundry rooms, wheelchair ramps, residential elevators, large covered porches at ground level with raised planters to accommodate the people with the green thumb. And this just scratches the surface of a truly Universal Designed home.

No detail is left out.

From climate / environment at the construction site, codes, window space and kitchen functionality, every detail is carefully examined and taken into consideration when designing and planning. An inspection program drafted from many years of knowledge of worldwide code requirements rigorously analyses everything from floor plans and reference drawings, to architectural and engineering plans.

To ensure maximum usage of interior space, each design undergoes a study of the usage of its square footage. Traffic areas, entry and exit points, windows and natural light spaces are some of the areas that are studied to name a few.

We present our homes in realistic settings, with their own decorating programs, to ensure the customer has a detailed vision of their future home.


We will help you find qualified builders in your area. Check their references and make sure they are bidding apples for apples.
Your contractor can contact us anytime for clarification on any part of the building process, for up to 1 year.
Have a floor plan you have found in a newspaper, magazine, on the Internet or maybe just scratched one out on paper?we can make it come to life. But watch out for copyrights!
Thru a program that lets you actually see my screen and talk between us in real time, we can actually design the basic floor plan together.
Every plan we design is tailored around our clients needs. Wither you need a home designed for a person with a disability now or planning the "last home" you will ever need.

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